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, Trying to find groups or meet ups for my 13 year old daughter who does a virtual school and really has no friends.. we live in belchertown Massachusetts. top of page. This is usually done through group classes, educational activities, events like dances or graduations, etc. Tri-State Homeschoolers Depot Please see our full disclosure policy for detailed information. Statement: We are a diverse group, from different religious backgrounds, homeschool styles and education philosophies. Pinterest; Share on Facebook; Tweet Widget; Featured in Albany. Each LSG is represented on the board. Thank you. Opinions expressed are not those of American Mensa, which has no opinions. I’m looking.) Homeschooling can be an ideal academic alternative for gifted children, because it provides an education tailored to individual intellectual, social and emotional needs. The following is a list of local support groups, many with park/play days, organized by county (we suggest that you look for groups in counties adjacent to yours too). Many homeschool groups offer co-ops, classes, sports and arts opportunities, and social get-togethers. We are not affilated with any religious denomination. This forum is a means for us to exchange homeschooling information and ideas, upcoming local events and opportunities, and resources in support of our common effort to provide a homeschool education for our children. It is a place to meet homeschoolers of ALL kinds. Homeschool Organizations. AS You Like It The purpose of the group is to collaborate and coordinate the socials, outings and events for our home educated children in the area. Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tri-statehomeschoolersdepot/ THINK is an inclusive group, open to all homeschooling families. If I want my daughter to strike up a chat with a potential friend effortlessly…she has to see me do it. Homeschooling and Down Syndrome Below are a few Maine homeschool groups families can reach out to. Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TCHSA/ the group is for fun and friendship. Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homeschoolingmensans/ A secular homeschool group for Hernando, Pasco and Citrus counties offering a place to coordinate and set-up homeschool activities, field trips, etc. Learn 2 Learn Homeschool Co-op (Sandusky) Light of Ohio Homeschool Group As homeschoolers, we sometimes cringe at the “how will your kids socialize” question, but when they become homeschool teens, the struggle can be real. Please, just try and not go there, k? Group descriptions are provided by the individual groups, so questions are best directed to the individual group. Web site: www.LWHE.org Homeschool Support Groups in Major Cities and Counties in Central Florida. Have fun, post photos, share links…enjoy getting to know each other and please invite all your homeschooling friends to join us!” East Texas Homeschoolers. In the process, hopefully we can make an even better life for our children as we share the joy that is homeschooling! In recent years, homeschool support has primarily moved to where parents are already hanging out: Facebook. Our email newsletter updates you on the latest articles, resources, and suppport group information added to our Web site. Support Groups; Homeschool Forums; Events; Assessment; Alternative Education Magazine; Homeschool family blogs; Centres. It is our hope that this group will serve as support,encouragement, and guidance for all of its members. ⁣ Keep in mind, though, that all homeschool groups will usually have a specific worldview, focus, or goal. list is a networking, support & discussion list open to ALL practicing Catholic homeschoolers anywhere in NJ, whether homeschooling independently or as members of local and/or national groups. Support groups are geographically listed and searchable. Grace Gathering, Greenwood Grace Gathering is a homeschool co-op with a mission of providing Christ-centered, affordable, fun, high quality academic classes from k4-6th grade. The purpose of this group is to provide a central communication vehicle where homeschooling parents can find the answers to frequently asked questions and share homeschooling news and information with each other. We request a donation of $30 per family per year, which helps cover the cost of our yearly talent show, two family dances, yearbooks, and more. Comments: We are an all-inclusive home educators support group for families thinking about homeschooling their preschool or younger children in the Wilmington-Elkton-Philadelphia area; and extending out to N Delaware, NE Maryland, SW New Jersey, and SE Pennsylvania area. Find a Local Homeschool Support Group in your hometown. When it comes to local homeschool groups, Georgia has a large number of them throughout the state. If I am dropping her off at a friends house, a church event, or if we are going together to a homeschool group function. The group is called Grace Girls and is focused on faith, friendship, activities and crafts. VaHomeschoolers includes descriptions of groups in order to assist you in finding a group that suits your family.